Receipts when you need them

Designed to ensure that your business receives the best point of sale supplies,¬†our selection of high-quality paper rolls are designed for efficiency, easy transactions with high quality imaging each and every time. From recycled paper rolls to custom printed thermal¬†rolls which can be ordered with your business’ unique logo, address or motto to insure brand name recognition with your clients.

Our line of thermal papers can be used in your cash register, mobile printer, ATM, credit card machine, kiosk and a wide variety of other devices. The coatings of our thermal paper ensures that receipts and documents resist fading in UV light, are protected against water, oil and most types of liquids. Our papers are designed to retain their image integrity for 20 years, impressive for thermal paper.

Our paper rolls are widely used in the hospitality, retail, banking, gas station, credit card processing and medical industries. Specialty paper rolls such as 2-color thermal paper rolls, pre-printed rolls with logos or return policies & colored thermal paper are also available. We also carry 2-ply bond paper rolls, prescription RX paper, mobile printer paper rolls and more. Our variety of durable colored thermal paper rolls come in every shade imaginable, including pink, yellow, blue and green

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