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Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time – Directed Online


“I hired Mr. Sanders and Directed Online to print all of our Corporate Stationery for Institutional Investors for both US & International locations. His team handled the typesetting, proofs, press proofs and developing a online corporate store.  Our products came out perfectly and his expertise provided me the comfort in knowing that our work would be to our new brand standards. He totally understood our needs (my designers too) and developed a process to give our stationery a new dimension feel on the backs.  I would refer Directed to any professional company where new stationery & ideas are required and would give Ed my highest recommendation” September 2014 Fabio Falcone


Top qualities: Great Results, Exceptional Creative, On Time Delivery – Directed Online

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“I hired Ed to print all of our marketing materials for Teachers College back in 2005-2007 then again in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and will continue to work with him in 2016. Our team is delighted he is back in this world and we have given him recommendations throughout our University. Ed is always thinking and very resourceful when it comes to ideas and innovation to make the products we use different from others in our space. I would give Ed my highest recommendation and suggest you try him” January 2015 Barri Roberson



Top qualities: Easy to Work With, Great Price, Desired Results – Directed Online


“I hired Eddie to re-brand our John Varvatos stationery which consisted of a new color for our papers and develop a online solution for our stores to place orders”. Eddie brought in Neenah Paper and had countess meetings with our Marketing Team to create the dyed color for the papers for our branding. (YES he actually had papers dyed at the Mill) After 3 sets of revisions and 20+ dyed lots, all at no cost we had successfully achieved the correct color which marketing approved. In June of 2015 we gave Eddie an order and in 6 weeks from that point we had both inventory and a fully functioning on line portal for ordering. :I would give Eddie my highest recommendation and suggest you try him” September 2015 Elba VanDunk



Top qualities: Efficient, Easy to Work With, Exceptional Value – Directed Online


“Edward always delivers the product exactly to specifications, and at extremely competitive prices. Many of my requests have been last minute in nature, and have been handled with grace and speed. Since Edward has so many resources at his disposal, he is able to offer us creative solutions beyond print that including branding support and marketing suggestions. I continue to rely on Edward for my printing needs, and am looking to expand into promotional items given how well our other projects have gone. October 2007 – 2016 Jade Friedensohn



Top qualities: Professional Resource, Deadlines, Reasonable Prices – Directed Online


“Ed Sanders has consistently gone above and beyond on the print jobs he has done for me and most were last minute rush orders. We have had beyond excellent results every time for clients such as Harry Winston, Tiffany’s and others. Ed is an expert in the Commercial & Digital print industry and is my go-to-guy whenever I have questions regarding special print jobs or paper options. On the very rare occasion Ed doesn’t know the answer; he will know where to get it.” November 2008 – 2016 Paul Ferrali



Top qualities: Integrity, Honesty, Dedication  – Directed Online


“I have known Ed for many years and was first introduced to him through his role as a salesperson when I was with the American Red Cross. We worked together when I was there, BlackRock and as President of the NYC Chapter of IFMA where he was chairing the PR Committee. I strongly recommend Ed as a person who is professional, diligent, reliable and creative. He is committed to his customers and is a man of great integrity. I am confident that if you work with Ed in any capacity you will be greatly rewarded.” March 2011- 2016 Brian Ostrowe



Top qualities: Great Results, Exceptional Creative, On Time Delivery – Directed Online


“I hired Ed to print all of our global event marketing materials which happen in the UK, Brussels, South Africa, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Spain and in a few other countries. When Ed first approached us with “The Best in Business Practice Idea”, we were very skeptical about this. We were also worried that how could this company have contacts in all the countries we would need marketing materials in. Some three years later he has come through each and every time on more than 30 events to date. The Directed level of service and has met our expectations countless times even when we are late with art files. I would give Ed my highest recommendation” March 2012 – 2016 Ashley Hoffman



Top qualities: Efficient, Easy to Work With, Exceptional Value – Directed Online

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“I hired Ed to print all of our Presentation & Marketing Materials back in the early 2000’s when he was with Automation Graphics. He then moved to a new company Print by Premier and we followed him there too. If you know Ed, he is so passionate and appreciative in providing service that its hard not to want to work with him. In 2014 he asked if moved again if we would follow him and we did to Directed Online. We asked him why move again and his explanation was he wanted to bring us the “Best in Business Practice”, which we didn’t fully understand. As Ed explained he wanted to create a transparent brokerage that would service clients globally based upon their while lowering our prices. We said OK, and now as 2015 comes to end he has helped our bottom line and service has not been compromised”. I would give Ed my highest recommendation December 2015 Leslie Richartz



Top qualities: Easy to Work With, Creative, Great Value – Directed Online


“Ed Sanders has consistently gone above and beyond on the marketing projects and mailings he has provided for me and my team over the years. Ed is an expert in print-direct mail and marketing and is my go-to-person when I have projects. If you ever have the opportunity to try him take a chance as he has proven to be a consummate professional and has won me over” April 2007 – 2016 Frances Katzen

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