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Directed develops award-winning software for marketing automation, document customization and flexible web-to-print portals.

Our strategy is to offer robust APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) in conjunction with turn-key products, resulting in a feature-rich scalable set of modules that can be modified, integrated and extended for virtually any industry or market.

The core of our product line is a variable data composition engine, originally developed almost 20 years ago. This innovative solution was not only revolutionary in automating page composition, but was built on a unique concept – that elements on a page should be able to automatically grow, shrink and even move depending on other content. From this core technology, and additional technology that has been added over the years, we have developed solutions for automated cross-channel marketing, web-to-print portals, business flow automation, and data-driven personalization.


Increase Effectiveness with Personalization.

Marketers today face increasing pressure to maximize ever-shrinking budgets while gaining the attention of an increasingly discerning audience and delivering measurable ROI. As consumers, we are bombarded with messages in a variety of media and formats, and ignore communications that are not relevant and timely.

Our products are built on a variable data composition engine which allow a virtually unprecedented degree of personalization for print and digital formats, driven by a database or by online user selections. And because we rely on designer-friendly templates, customization is combined with as much control as you need, supporting even the most demanding brand requirements.


The Power of Cross-Channel Marketing.

There is no question about the effectiveness of using digital channels such as e-mail, personalized websites (pURLs), social media, and SMS to increase response rates. Our automated cross-channel marketing solutions can be implemented on their own, or as components of branded web portals, making them ideal for geographically distributed organizations. And of course we provide configurable real-time analytics so that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Features and Benefits.

  • Document5

  • Flexible tools for online and offline document customization
  • Automated cross-channel marketing with optional web portal integration
  • Manage branding and take advantage of power of personalization
  • Customizable print and digital communications


Technology to maintain and control brand assets.

Your corporate store boasts the ability to set restrictions and guidelines that follow your brand specifications. With the tools provided in the platform your templates are all locked down so the elements of that template that cannot be edited or manipulated by your sales users. Ensuring your logo, fonts, images and content accurately represent your brand on any channel, including print! Even better – the parts you don’t lock down can be customized and personalized by your sales users making each piece as unique as they are.


Platform “ready to integrate” with your CRM.

No one company uses their CRM in the same way and for that reason we don’t provide just standard integrations, we work with your business, sales and marketing teams to ensure the integration with your CRM seamlessly complements your existing workflows. We also provide access to your marketing library making it easy for sales users to send marketing messages out to their prospects and clients.


The ability for your sales force to send drip campaigns and enroll their clients in trigger campaigns.

Your platform allows your sales and marketing teams to execute their own campaigns from pre-determined templates and can select their recipient lists from your integrated CRM or through our data segmentation tool.


Execution across all channels; social media, print, email & more.

Your local and extended sales force need to market on multiple channels to effectively communicate with their customers. With your portal, your field will have immediate access to execute campaigns across multiple channels. In addition, compliance is easy to track and manage with our automated approval workflow and archiving.


Out of the box print integration.

You likely have long-standing, rewarding relationships with your print vendors. Chances are you’ve also given their technology offerings a try and now you’ve grown beyond their capabilities. That’s ok! We are a technology company that grew out from a print background and understand the technical complexities of print integration. We will help you achieve your goals for cutting edge technology while making new suggestions for your marketing.


Virtual fulfillment, warehousing and inventory management.

Directed has the experience necessary to help your company solve more than the singular challenge of “print and fulfillment”.  With Directed, you can reduce obsolescence using digital delivery but still maintain your current print and inventory for the items that need to be printed and stored giving you the best of both worlds.


About Directed Online

Directed Online's sole purpose is to provide innovative solutions based on your business requirements. We simply direct people and companies to the best in business practice for print, design, marketing, office & facility services. We combine the latest innovative-technologies, expertise with strategic national - global partnerships to provide your firm sustainable solutions. To lean more about us click here

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